World Premiere of Lera Auerbach’s “A Twofold Dream” after Mozart

It is one of three double concertos from the pen of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and, moreover, by far the most popular one. The Concerto for Flute, Harp and Orchestra in C Major, K.V. 299 was composed 1778 whilst the Mozart family was staying in Paris. Its lightness and joyful playfulness, together with the grace with which the solo instruments are combined, are only a few characteristics of this frequently performed concerto, also formerly played by Nicanor Zabaleta and Aurèle Nicolet with great élan. The first part of Lera Auerbach’s bold idea was to replace the two solo instruments with violin and piano. She then took things a step further by creating a collage of this Double Concerto and the Andante for Flute and Orchestra, K. 315, in violin version, composed during the same year. The pianist and composer Lera Auerbach, who is intimately familiar with Mozart’s piano works as a soloist, will play the piano part of her Concerto grosso No. 5 for Violin, Piano and Orchestra “A Twofold Dream” based on Mozart’s K. 299/297c and K. 315 at the world premiere on 22 April 2017 in Columbus (Ohio). The violin part will be performed by Katherine McLin, with David Danzmayr conducting the Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra. The world premiere is part of the event “Sketches of Vienna”.

Auerbach’s concerto work “A Twofold Dream” is a commissioned work by the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra.

On 23 April 2017, there will be a following performance of this concert program at the Southern Theatre (7:30 PM).

22 April 2017
Columbus (Ohio)
Southern Theatre, 5:30 PM
World premiere: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Lera Auerbach
“A Twofold Dream”. Concerto grosso No. 5 for Violin, Piano and Orchestra after W.A. Mozart’s K. 299/297c and K. 315
Katherine McLin (violin)
Lera Auerbach (piano)
ProMusica Chamber Orchestra
David Danzmayr (direction)

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