Lera Auerbach’s Orchestral Work “Icarus” Receives Swedish Premiere

The French conductor Stéphane Denève will direct the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra in the Swedish premiere of Lera Auerbach’s work “Icarus” for orchestra on 10 May 2017 at the concert house (Konserthuset) in Stockholm. Auerbach’s orchestral work, completed in 2011, is based to a large degree on the last two movements of her Symphony No. 1 “Chimera”.

Lera Auerbach comments her work as follows:
“What makes this myth so touching is Icarus’s impatience of the heart, his wish to reach the unreachable, the intensity of the ecstatic brevity of his flight and inevitability of his fall. If Icarus were to fly safely – there would be no myth. His tragic death is beautiful. It also poses a question – from Deadalus’ point of view – how can one distinguish success from failure? Deadalus’ greatest invention, the wings which allowed a man to fly, was his greatest failure as they caused the death of his son. Deadalus was brilliant, his wings were perfect, but he was also a blind father who did not truly understand his child.”

On 11 May 2017 there will be another performance of the concert programme of 10 May, with Auerbach’s “Icarus” at the Stockholm concert house (7 PM) played by the same interpreters.

10 Mai 2017
Concert House, Main Hall, 7 PM
(Introduction to the concert: 6:15 PM)
Swedish premiere: Lera Auerbach
“Icarus” for orchestra
Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
Stéphane Denève (direction)

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