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Music of extraordinary power and intensity.Alex Ross, THE NEW YORKER Her music — highly dramatic, communicative and rich with brooding intensity and poetic expression — speaks in a singular voice that builds on the language of modern Russian composers such as Shostakovich and Alfred Schnittke.Mark Stryker, DETROIT FREE PRESS Those fearful of contemporary music may think of […]

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Harpers BazaarFIRST YOU ARE BLINDFOLDED … Ruins, symbolism, and Siberia —it’s all fair game when Laurie Anderson meets Lera Auerbach.By Laurie Anderson | Oct 2, 2013 New York TimesListening to a Disconnected SocietyLera Auerbach’s Opera, Confronts IsolationBy Vivien Schweitzer | July 5, 2013 San Francisco Classical VoiceThe Era of LeraBy Janos Gereben | April 23, 2013 Wachtel on […]