Shostakovich/Auerbach 24 PRELUDES for violoncello and piano (after Shostakovich Op. 34)

1. C major Moderato
2. A minor Allegretto
3. G major Andante
4. E minor Moderato
5. D major Allegro vivace
6. B minor Allegretto
7. A major Andante
8. F sharp minor Allegretto
9. E major Presto
10. C sharp minor Moderato non troppo
11. B major Allegretto
12. G sharp minor Allegro non troppo
13. F sharp major Moderato
14. E flat minor Adagio
15. D flat major Allegretto
16. B flat minor Andantino
17. A flat major Largo
18. F minor Allegretto
19. E flat major Andantino
20. C minor Allegretto furioso
21. B flat major Allegretto poco moderato
22. G minor Adagio
23. F major Moderato
24. D minor Allegretto

YEAR: 1933/2008


Vc, Klav

Internationale Musikverlage Hans Sikorski GmbH & Co. KG
Score:  Sikorski Sales

Co-commissioned by Norddeutscher Rundfunk Hamburg and the New Orleans Friends of Music, Drs. Emel and Ranney Mize and Maestro Klauspeter Seibel

17 July 2008, Reinbek
Alisa Weilerstein (violoncello) – Lera Auerbach (piano)