Selected Feature Articles

Harpers Bazaar
FIRST YOU ARE BLINDFOLDED ... Ruins, symbolism, and Siberia —
it’s all fair game when Laurie Anderson meets Lera Auerbach.
By Laurie Anderson | Oct 2, 2013


New York Times
Listening to a Disconnected Society
Lera Auerbach’s Opera, Confronts Isolation
By Vivien Schweitzer | July 5, 2013


San Francisco Classical Voice
The Era of Lera
By Janos Gereben | April 23, 2013


Wachtel on the Arts
Eleanor Wachtel speaks with Lera Auerbach, who’s earned comparisons to Dmitri Shostakovich and been declared one of the most important classical music figures of our time.
By Eleanor Wachtel | November 20, 2012


Washington Post
At the National Symphony Orchestra a composer in delightful dialogue with Mozart
By Anne Midgette | November 13, 2014


Detroit Free Press
Auerbach’s vivid works pulse with drama, intensity, emotion
By Mark Stryker | May 30, 2010


San Francisco Classical Voice
Lera Auerbach: Renaissance Woman on Fire
By Georgia Rowe | May 15, 2013


San Francisco Chronicle
Lera Auerbach puts fresh spin on tradition
By Joshua Kosman | April 4, 2010


Ser interprete me mantiene en el mundo real
By Rodrigo Carrizo Couto | May edition 2012


Musik, die aus der kalte kommt
By Von Hartmut Regitz | January edition 2012