Trapped Angel

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“Trapped Angel” is an audiovisual installation weaving the spiritual, visual, and auditory realms into an experience of contemplation and transcendence. This 13-minute immersive experience envelops the viewer in darkness, where the senses are awakened by images and sounds evolving across four projection surfaces aligned to True North, South, West, and East. Accompanied by a multifaceted sound design, this installation lures the viewer into a sacred space that brings to life the profound essence of being human: our entrapped angelic nature. The installation’s design is a deliberate choice to evoke a ritualistic orientation, connecting not only to geographical bearings but also to mystical symbolism.

בשם יהוה ומימיני מיכאל ומשמאלי גבריאל ומלפני אוריאל ומאחרי רפאל ועל ראשי שכינת אל

B’sheim Adonai, u mimini Michael, u mismoli Gavriel, u mi lifnai Uriel, u mei acharai Rafael, v’al roshi Shekhinat eil.

In the name of the Eternal, to my right Michael, and on my left Gabriel, and in front of me Uriel, and behind me Rafael, and above my head the Eternal Shekhinah.

The directionality of the angels in this silent invocation is often used in Kabbalistic practices and other mystical Jewish traditions as a means of centering oneself, seeking protection, or embarking on a spiritual journey and as a profound metaphor for protection, guidance, and transcendence, reflecting the human longing to break free from earthly confines.

“Trapped Angel” provides a meditative space for introspection and spiritual exploration.