Excess of Being 
For FaFa
Aphorisms in 
of their 
I speak in major keys with others 
while keeping the minor to myself. 
I'm cataloguing silences. 
Just remember — 
anything with string attached sooner or later will make sound. 
Cello bled through my dreams: 
I woke up knee deep in music. 
Practicing is the art of listening. 
I'm replaying my pause on a loop. 
Donkey notes
(My notes misbehave) 
There are two types of composers: 
composing composers 
and decomposing composers.
My notes misbehave 
I do not have performance anxiety — 
I have non-performance anxiety. 
Classical musicians are vultures: 
they feed on the dead. 
This is your solo. 
Don't tiptoe around it. 
If you have a flaw —
 make it part of your legacy.
Possession of a bird 
doesn't guarantee
possession of a song.
I prefer writing to practicing piano. 
Writing can be done in bed. 
Don't talk to me about my music!
Invisibility leaves traces.
Long faces grow longer reading long phrases.
His thoughts were so deep — the reader drowned.
An aphorism 
stands with the 
indifferent posture 
of aristocratic 
authority while 
secretly seeking 
democratic adulation.
Marginals on writing, readership and art
Writing about ghosts doesn't turn you into Shakespeare.
Dozing from an overdose of aphorisms.
Unleashed aphorisms
It's easier to cut than to edit. 
Off with her head!
It's not fully yours until you have shortened it.
When words are few, each finds its place. 
It's easy to get lost in a crowd.
I left my punctuation in the second glass of wine
my best thought just evaporated.
On writing: 
To come up with 
one great sentence 
one needs to serve 
a life sentence.
Exclamation clock 
(I can't take it anymore, but it can take more of me)
Prison happens. 
Poetry happens.
Only death is final, but even that is questionable.
I am what's left after you have subtracted everything else.
Being above
If you have been 
falling for a long 
time — keep on falling. 
At some point it will 
be perceived 
as flying.
If you are a born warrior, 
the sooner you die, 
the less harm you will inflict.
I can't take it anymore; but it can take more of me.
I don't side with myself.
You can only master something by loving it.
All fears are imaginary, even the real ones.
I am the sole survivor of my bad temper.
Me, Myself and the Other went 
for a long walk but returned 
too soon and not talking to 
each other.
If you are a 
big ship, 
stay away 
from shallow 
Many men accomplish 
their dream of building a home, 
but very few succeed at living in it.
There is always enough room for more errors.
I am not a grownup — I am just overgrown.
I am not getting old — I am getting extinct.
If you can't 
hear ghosts, 
it doesn't mean 
they don't talk 
to you.
Don't argue with idiots — 
they will outsmart you.
Procrastination increases the gravitational pull.
Water holds reflections of those who are drinking it.
"Who do you think you are?" 
I asked Myself angrily. 
The Other just chuckled.
I do not know how to subtract, 
but I can add negative numbers.
The Question
Exclamation mark!
A false sense of 
security is still 
better than 
no security.
It's all too much to bear! 
(especially that which is too little)
I am not autistic — 
I'm artistic. 
Both conditions 
spring from incurable 
excess of being. 
Life is a curable illness.
Staying still 
is the best 
is spinning.
when this is over, 
you won't even 
The present moment 
last between two heartbeats, 
yet contains 
a lifetime.
Fragile Solitudes on wings and vanishing maps of memories
My dog 
had a nightmare. 
I woke him up 
with a lie: 
"It's all right, 
I will never 
leave you 
Shattered future: 
I'm looking through the rubble 
searching for broken 
pieces of future 
You are as old as the skeptic within you.
I stepped aside. 
My life kept on going 
without noticing 
my absence.
The rope
My cat is purring next to me as if giving a 
lecture-demonstration on the 
benefits of perfect contentment.
The heron was so white — 
I averted my eyes to avoid staining it by looking.
Rivers don't stop to glance behind.
Findings on life and other illusions.
Accidentals (on relationships and other misunderstandings)
It's not what we talk about. 
It's what we don't talk about 
that defines our relationship.
Let's renegotiate our differences!
We notice very little how little we notice.
Flying is easy enough. 
It's when I have to crawl that the 
bleeding starts.
I miss myself, 
but the feeling is not 
He was so much in Love — 
he never noticed the object of his infatuation. 
Gay men are much better than straight men. 
They are more stylish, more creative, better 
friends, better listeners... 
Too bad they are gay.
Love is all you need, but it is not enough.
Do you want to trade our inconsistencies?
Eterniday on angels, demons and wannabees
The mountain | He made it!
If you believe in the power of magic — 
you have magical powers.
No Thanksgiving, please!!!
Blind devotion
Childhood is an island outside of time. 
Wish I had never moved to the mainland.
Every day a new Icarus kills himself.
I don't need a rabbit to fall into a deep hole.
Homo sapiens? 
Never met one.
Looking at a broken washing machine — 
I was only cleaning my chakras...
Life is what one gets used to.
My life is an imitation of my dreams. 
The difference is my dreams are more real.
The body doesn't lie — it just doesn't 
know the truth.
Sometimes being broken results in becoming whole.
Unexplainable doesn't mean imaginary.
If I run out of time — 
I shall just quantum jump.
Hoop-la, ooh-la-la, oy vey!
You don't need to travel far 
to run away from 
I wished on a falling star for a graceful falling.
In order to understand the circle, 
you need to break free from the square.
Can you repeat who you are? 
My reader? 
Sorry, I conjured you by mistake!
How do you know you have only one shadow?
Trouble clef
88 Keys for Silent Piano
Alto clef | Bass clef
Introducing the Orchestra and Its Counties
Musings (on music, muses and misgivings)
Mr. Artist
Exit and 
Entrance are 
the same
P.S. Don't forget your wings!
Phoenix Girl
What can be better than an aphorism? 
It's absence.